Ready to start your lipgloss business but need labels to brand? Branding is one of the top essentials to running any business! Purchase 20 labels for $18, $25 for 40 labels, or $30 for 60 labels, or $35 for 80 labels.

Wholesale Lipgloss Labels

  • Choose your font, color of gloss, enter your words, and specify emojis if wanted. Please allow 3-5 business days to create/process before we ship out. Choose Fonts: Arial, Arvo, bubblegum sans, Bella Donna, Pacifico, Sacramento, Segoe

    PrintColor: White Gloss, Clear Gloss

    Select all options, Add your personalization in custom text field. Enter Custom Word/Words!*Maximum of 2 lines per label (***Make sure your specify what emojis you want**)

    If you have specific logo that is regular lipgloss size, you can email us the file at